Here’s What The Lumps On Your Wrist Mean

We all want a perfect body. But every now and then there’s a lump or lesion that scare the shit out of us. So, what are these lumps? Lumps are basically the result of some kind of tumor gland. But when it happens when it comes to your wrist? According to Dr. Otis Brawley, to ignore such lumps on your wrists can prove dire to your health. Here’s why you should be more careful about the lumps on your wrist.

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1. How the lumps on your wrist look like

The beginning will look like this. When it appears on the skin, it looks like a pimple and that’s why people tend to ignore it. Well, you better not do that.


2. The transformation

The lumps on your wrist change its shape and size after some time. You will feel the pain and the other symptoms too. Don’t ignore these lumps. They might prove hazardous to your health.

3. Reason behind this

There’s a serious reason behind the lumps on your wrist. There can be many reasons behind this like a damaged tissue or ligament. But the most horrible reason maybe Ganglion cyst.

4. What is it?

This is a bump that is filled with fluid. It appears near the tendons or the wrist of your hand.


5. Know more

These lumps appear painless but if you touch it or the area near it that’s when you feel the pain. Sometimes it’s so painful that a person having these lumps on their wrist will not be able to feel their wrist.


6. How do you get it?

Well, the exact reason is still unknown. It can be genetic or due to degeneration of tissues.


7. Self-healing properties

In some cases, these lumps vanish on their own. It’s an absolute miracle. But they do vanish without any treatment. Remember, that’s rare.


8. The other side

Some people are just lucky. That’s why these lumps on their wrist appear but come down all by itself. But for the unfortunate folk, you need to see a doctor immediately.


9. The doctor’s inquiry

Be ready to face questions about the history of these lumps. The doctor will try to track down if it’s genetic or is caused by some injury. That’s why it’s important for the doctor to have a medical history of the patient’s family.


10. X-rays and MRI

Now is time for a serious diagnostics. It generally starts with an x-ray but moves on to ultrasound to other sorts of treatments. These generally happen when the patient fails to track down the origin of the bumps on their wrist.


11. The removal

The process of removal has many options. The fastest way to remove these bumps is through surgery. Another option is wearing a wrist brace. Or you can choose to puncture it too. I won’t suggest the third one though.


12. How harmful is it?

The bumps on the wrist happen to many people. But in most of the cases, there’s nothing to worry about.


Now that you know the reason behind these bumps, don’t treat it lightly.